My Fears 

As an ICU nurse for 8 years, I hated leaving my family to work 12-hour shifts, nights, holidays, weekends, and miss out on memories with my kids. I hated working someone else's schedule. I hated that I was just giving meds and didn't have the time or ability to help my patients transform their lives through preventive health and lifestyle modifications. I hate the nightmares I still have of patients coding and dying. I would be so anxious before going to work because I never knew how the night would go or what kind of craziness we were in for.

I was scared I would be stuck & unfulfilled working as a nurse for the next 20 years of my life with no change. I was scared I would never have the opportunity to really help others on a deeper level change their life. I was scared I would continue being away from my family and miss out on all their special memories for YEARS.

My FEAR of staying stuck in the same place for the next 20 years was greater than my fear of STARTING my own online coaching business.

My Goals

My goals as an ICU nurse starting my online business were to replace my income, be home with my family, have more money in savings, and help others on a deeper level transform their lives through preventative health. I didn't care how long it would take me to succeed, and I was ALL IN. 

I was willing to do whatever it took to get me out of that PAIN and FEAR of being STUCK in the same place for the next 20 years. I was willing to get uncomfortable, do things I had never done before, learn how to sell and market on social media, and share my message with the world so I could help others on a deeper level than I could as a nurse. Hundreds of nos, rejection, mistakes, uncomfortable growth, tears, and prayers. I still made it happen.

My Dream

Now I'm living my dream working from home, never missing any memories with my family, transforming women's lives in a way I never even knew was possible. I've helped hundreds of women get healthy and over one hundred women start their own online coaching businesses for the same freedom & flexibility I enjoy. I have increased my income from 3k months as a full-time ICU nurse in Utah to 100k+ cash months as a part-time online coach. We have more money in savings than ever and I get to create my own schedule.

I am beyond grateful every single day I went ALL IN & never looked back no matter how hard it was. Nothing compares to this level of purpose, fulfillment and freedom that I've ever experienced in my entire life.

My advice is to MOVE & go ALL IN no matter what!! This is absolutely possible for you. We live in a day and age where online business is EXPLODING! There has never been a better time to MAKE YOUR DREAMS a REALITY! If you are ready to go ALL-IN, let's work together! See how we can by clicking the button below!


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