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This woman thinks about her online coaching business constantly...she is obsessed. She knows she has a gift & a calling & is willing to do whatever it takes to share her gift with more people & make a bigger impact. She is actively working to be the best version of herself possible for herself, her family & her clients

She understands the value in investing in high level mentorship to get to that next level in her business to have a MASSIVE return on investment.  She is extremely coachable, kind & immediately implements what she learns into her business & is willing to do whatever it takes to grow & make more progress. She wants to learn from someone who has done exactly what she wants to do to shorten her learning curve & save her time & money.

She understands that tomorrow is not guaranteed & she is living life OUT LOUD NOW before it's too late. Her children are her WHY. Her family is why she pushes so hard, works so relentlessly & never gives up when it gets hard. She is eager to grow faster, work less and make more money in a simple, easy way so she can have more time with her family. She wants to be the breadwinner for her family earning a multiple 6 figure income with online coaching 15-20 hours a week.

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"Life Changing"

"Wow. What can I say besides LIFE CHANGING and I wish I would have hired Heather sooner!  Heather has helped my define my niche, gain clarity of my goals and organize my plan of action.  She literally gives you everything you need to set you up for success. I would not be launching my practice online as fast as I am without her coaching.  I even signed on 4 new clients before my official launch of my program! Talk about lightening speed success! Thank you Heather for all you have done for me. I am now able to serve even more individuals than ever before!"

Robyn | Nurse to Holistic Health Coach
1:1 Coaching Client, Earned $20,000 in 3 weeks of launching



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